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1 Carry out a range of manual handling techniques and apply these to a range of manual handling tasks (30 marks) 2 Analyse a learner&39;s performance of manual handling techniques (10 marks) 3 Give effective instruction in practical manual handling techniques (10 marks) 4 Deliver effective presentations (10 marks) Overall Marks: 60. Using the LITE technique to demonstrate this, which is Load, Individual, Task, Environment. Lesson Plan 6 Page 2 of 7.

This Manual Handling Training course will enable participants to lift and handle loads safely and recognise a load that is too heavy or awkward. They apply to all types of. Develop manual handling training programmes to include lesson plans with clear objectives, appropriate material and aids to support learning and strategies to motivate changes in manual handling practice. The goal, as with all teaching, is to motivate the students to take in what you are teaching and. The course will help your organisation meet the necessary recommendations from the CQC and other bodies in terms of compliance.

. A checklist from the Handling of People, 6th Edition that can be folded, laminated and. Before you download a copy, I would encourage you to read a summary of the plan in the following paragraphs.

For staff with little or no experience in training why not have a look at our range of Train the Trainer Courses we provide. Organize lesson plans daily with this accessible contemporary black and white template. Analyse the participant’s performance of manual handling techniques. Basic 2 page Training Record. Mechanical and automated aids in the. Teacher Lesson Plan 6: General Module. Assessment and lifting – Guidelines and demonstration on how to assess and manage a safe load.

The course will boost your confidence in public speaking since there is 15 minute micro teach from each delegate,. Construction Training Program (10-hour) Topic: Materials Handling, Storage, Use and Disposal. Download all these 39 Free Lesson Plan Templates (MS Word and PDFs) to help you prepare your own lesson plan. – Manual handling: Moving casualties, positioning self for first aid – Infection control: sources of infection, dealing with blood, use of gloves, face masks, using other things for protection on the scene Emergency First Aid textbook pages 2 –4 Slides 2–19. This two days accredited intensive course teaches the delegates the skills required to deliver Moving and Handling course in the workplace. Instructor Lesson Plan for Duct Design Basics - Friction Chart, ACCA Duct Slide Rule and Manual D Speedsheet.

Posted By Paul Moran Would anybody be kind enough to forward me a Copy of a Manual handling lesson plan ( office style enviroment) Thanks Paul User Profile View All Posts by User. A lesson plan is a teacher’s detailed description of the course of instruction, or the ‘learning trajectory’ for a lesson. Lesson 1: Friction Chart Primer (1. 55 Register Recap on aims & - put into pairs; monitor pair work each linked to their subject Tell students aims of session Allocate groups of 3- - discuss how you plan your lessons at present- monitor work Teacher input & Q&A- on.

Answer: C provide information, instruction, training and supervision to employees to enable them to work safely. When teaching students, it is essential to have ready sample lesson plans. A training exercise to establish Core Principles and enable your participants to understand and apply them straight away. Completion of the Action Plan is an important step in the management of the hazards and risks caused by manual handling in the workplace.

It also helps the teacher to structure daily plan the whole lesson for the entire learning duration of the students. Work related injuries resulting in musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) account for about half of all work related ill-health, many of these are caused by the poor management and practice of manual handling. The module has 2 types of sample lesson plans, type A and type B. Moving and Handling Principles. Vessels (Manual Handling Operations) Regulations to reduce the risk of injury from manual handling so far as is reasonably practicable. Manual Handling Training Session R/508/hours 3 hours 8 hours TQT 25 hours Assessment This qualification is assessed through the following activities: Practical demonstration Observation of learners skills Written assignment in the form of a session plan and action plan Question and answers.

General Information and Responsibility 2. Session 4 Manual handling injuries. List the three main injuries that occur during material handling, storage, use and disposal. In the last lesson, we talked about problem-solving outcomes and some steps for achieving win-win solutions. This Manual Handling Management Assessment Checklist and Action Plan is divided into the following sections: 1.

Candidates must analyse a learner’s performance of manual handling techniques. Plasterboard Heavy Lintels Bagged Aggregate General Handling Simple aids on site - - sack trucks, trolleys Masonry Units/Blocks Specify/order blocks that weigh less than 20kg Store blocks where they will not get wet (and increase their weight) Arrange work so that lifting over shoulder height is not carried out Deliver blocks as close to the point manual handling lesson plan sample of laying as possible Masonry. Charactersitics of Unit 6. through lesson plan sample & 13:20 13:25 your subject using the pro forma 14:25 Assignment 14. Lesson Excerpt: Introduction. Handling and storing materials involves operations such as hoisting steel with a crane, driving a truck loaded with concrete blocks, manually carrying bags, and stacking drums, lumber or loose bricks. How to Make a Lesson Plan. Capability of People, including training and information 5.

Our People Moving & Handling trainer pack is well researched and developed for ease of use. Making an effective lesson plan takes time, diligence, and an understanding of your students&39; goals and abilities. 3) Lesson 2: Duct Slide Rule (2. videos, lesson plan, sample test paper, suggested risk assessment forms and guidance Aims of Manual Handling Training.

Choose Daily, Weekly, or Monthly templates. The Law The 1992 Manual Handling Operations. Answer: D an employer or an employee. . While those rules and steps are going to be essential to your success in working with customers, you are also going to have to have some specific strategies for handling complaints as well. 3) Lesson 3: Calculations (3. workplace that are fit for purpose. Planning of Manual Handling Training Programmes.

This job aid will help you to: • help people learn, based on an understanding of how people learn • structure your lessons for deeper and richer learning. Writing the Lesson Plan; Once the information has been collected, the development of the lesson plan can begin in a sequential, logical manner. An example of a person-based manual handling risk assessment can be found in the All Wales NHS manual handling passport scheme and Scotland NHS manual handling passport scheme.

Comprehensive course manual; Lesson plans for suggested training courses; USB stick with slide suggestions for 2 handler training courses and many useful extras e. A Lesson Plan is to an instructor, an educator and/or a teacher what a compass is to a pilot. Answer: C they are inexperienced and may not know safe manual handling techniques. Lesson Plan Template. On completion of the Manual Handling Risk Assessment Forms relevant information from the column entitled “Further controls/actions” should be transferred onto this Manual Handling Action Plan. These example templates are available in word doc format. Many thanks, FBG. assist in their own transfers and handling aids must be used if they are not contrary to the clients needs.

4) Lesson 4: Manual D Primer (4. The organization boasts about the plan being useful manual handling lesson plan sample in the coaching process. Does anyone have a manual handling lesson plan I can get inspiration from? Sample lesson plans of Type A consist of 5 parts: lesson overview, lesson plan, teaching hints, use of chalkboard and English as a teaching tool. Trainer&39;s Notes (updated July 12) Hoist checklist.

To ensure that all participants who attend Manual Handling Training know how to lift safely. Sample Lesson Plan - Materials Handling, Storage, Use and Disposal 2 • Learning Objectives/Outcomes. Emergency plans and procedures are to be developed for all facilities, then documented and communicated to all personnel Contract FFE to review/draft emergency plan OS&H Officer Contract services of FFE to be acquired to prepare and manage emergency plan procedures JP TS 28 Evacuation Plan Policy complete FFE Emergency manual. Items to be Handled 3. To quicken the process of teaching for children we have created for you the ideal sample lesson plan templates. Review Timetable. When you have to manually handle loads consider: Some manual handling lesson plan sample solutions General Handling Building Blocks Panel products e. Candidates must carry out a range of manual handling techniques and apply these to a range of manual handling tasks and give effective instruction in practical manual handling techniques (20 marks) Candidates must achieve a minimum of 50% in this manual handling lesson plan sample section 2.

Select the sample of your choice, fill in, print and keep handy when. Session duration: 20 minutes. The Guide to the handling of people contains detailed guidance on people handling assessments and may be helpful. I got a bit carried away when I demobbed and included all my lesson plans as part of my de-kit.

Upon completion of the lesson, participants will be able to: 1. Session content: Over ‘3 day injuries’ (type) Over ‘3 day injuries’ (industry and kind) Areas of the body injured by manual handling. LESSON PLANS This job aid provides guidelines for planning each stage of a lesson, identifies appropriate teaching techniques to suit the lesson, and provides a sample lesson plan template. Session content: Define manual handling. The use of this general coaching plan has supposedly produced excellent results for their clients.

Activities that relate to manual handling in the workplace. Fact Sheet 6: Manual handling policies 46 Activity: Manual handling accidents and injuries 48 Fact Sheet 7: Manual handling accidents and injuries 49 Activity: Trade union strategy 51 Fact Sheet 8: Action planning for manual handling 53 Fact Sheet 9: Further information 55. Directive 90/269 add to the earlier Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 with regard to lifting/manual handling. Sample Lesson Plan Template. Handling Situations 4. I&39;m hosting a safety meeting next week at work, which is going to focus on manual handling and the boss wants a demo. Use a lesson plan format (see templates below) · Include selected MEDIA in the body of the lesson plan; Explain how to deliver and process discussions, lectures, activities, etc. Possible responses.

Ready to use lesson plan templates by grade level, subject area, or Common Core.

Manual handling lesson plan sample

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